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How will Howard be remembered. Not well.Add your comments here.

You Spin Me Round (like a Wax Cylinder)

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It seems Rattler has done yet ANOTHER post on his current hobby horse, Pensioners.

This exchange proves what we’ve already known about his intelligence level 🙂

There was a time that I thought your new WA news service would be better than the West. I’m afraid that Sattler’s red neck contributions make me wonder about that. Can’t you get someone with more class and intelligence to write your columns?

Howard replies:

“I have never claimed to be classy or intelligent. What I do boast is the ability to tap into the aspirations of the community, unlike this biased correspondent, whose feathers I have clearly ruffled.”

No feathers ruffled Howard, my comments were directed to the quality of WAtoday, which I had hoped would provide Western Australians with a better news service than The West Australian. I was looking for this new service to provide something a bit more classy and intelligent than the West. Your reply simply confirms that I am going to be disappointed.


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One of our borg collective thinks that this link may inflame Rattler. I can only hope so.

Too stupid for words

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The latest effort from Rattler . Fairfax needs to put him him out of our misery, and have a Kerry Packer moment. “Pull your pants up Rattie and go home”.

This is so poor it’s beyond analysis or parody.

Update on the Mansion

September 1, 2008 by

From the Sunday Times aka the WA Liberal Party Stirling Street Sub Branch.

Get a Bargain on Sattler’s “Struggle Street” shack 🙂

A PROPERTY owned by radio broadcaster Howards Sattler has been reduced by almost $1 million after a 10-month stint for sale.
The Peppermint Grove house has been slashed from the “high $6 million mark” to $5.75 million.

The colonial, two-level residence is on a 986sqm block.

Agent William Porteous, of William Porteous Properties International, was confident the price reduction would attract buyers.

“Already since adjusting the price we have had a lot more interest,” he said.

“In the last eight weeks I’ve sold $40 million worth of properties, so I can’t really go around crying about the current market.”


More stupid

August 12, 2008 by

Hat tip to Skink for his piece of Sattler Alert. Reader’s digest version so you don’t waste 30 seconds of your life.

” Mr Carpenter flipped in favour of the [ pensioner public transport] concession…………….

He did it again. [in favour of a hospital in Albany]
……..[ rant about Carps avoiding Sattler deleted]……….
The Premier has lost touch with his professional origins – journalism.
[ WTF he is a journalist for ever : this piece of logic is truly bizarre, even worse is yet to come in the next para]
He might have been an average performer, but the tenets of investigative reporting require practitioners to operate without fear or favour and in the political arena, to hold governments accountable for their actions.

If they err it is our, and in this case my, job to expose them.

During his transformation from media to politics Mr Carpenter has ditched that principle, a point worth considering if the electorate gives him the chance to fulfil his campaign promises.”

This is truly being savaged by a deranged sheep , and Rattler if you want to see a tough interview with Carps see any of his interviews with Rebecca Carmody.

Guest Poster : David Cohen

August 6, 2008 by

I had to read some of Howard’s paragraphs more than once to tease out the meaning…

[[Too late to save himself, Mr Buswell identified the priorities of the Liberal-led Opposition, to concentrate on holding the government to account for its failure to serve the community.]]
There’s only one priority there…maybe ‘which include concentrating’ could replace ‘to concentrate’.

[[I won’t, but he did designate several key areas where Mr Carpenter’s administration has been found wanting and which a committed opponent should have exposed.]]
He won’t what? Designate the key areas?

[[Trouble is that his “robust” antics and a succession of leadership coups have combined to distract Liberal politicians and its administration from obligation to the electorate.]]
We could lose ‘that’…if we’re talking Liberal politicians surely we mean their administration…and surely it’s ‘it’s obligation’?

More Rattler’s Tales

July 19, 2008 by

From Snuff at LA’s site ( this is stolen material )

Speaking of Sattler, I’m reminded now of one afternoon when he addressed an auditorium of Journalism students at Murdoch Uni. Not only were we required to attend, which I didn’t mind, we had to write a report on his visit. After 45 minutes of him rambling on about how he was god’s gift, albeit misunderstood, we woke up for the Q and A. It didn’t improve much, as he ignored the questions and continued with his riveting elaborations on how he was actually all things to all people, until …

“In your opinion, was land tenure fixed and heritable in Australia in 1769 ?”

After I’d repeated the question, at his request, the smoke started streaming out of his ears and he bellowed, “What, this Mabo rubbish ?” You can guess the headline for every assignment submitted.

Reason #672562: Polar Bears

July 9, 2008 by

Today’s words of “wisdom” from everyone’s favourite village idiot:

When Professor Garnaut’s roadshow visited Perth this week it was greeted by protestors dressed as polar bears carrying placards reading “save the humans”.

Last time I checked there were no wild polar bears in the southern hemisphere.

But whoever these characters were, they seemed to know more about the bleak prospects for Australian working families than the good professor and his political acolytes

Good job, Prattler.

Do you think he checked if there were domesticated, capable-of-holding-signs polar bears, too? Maybe he should have also read the caption on his buddy Taxi Driver’s pic of the polar bears on Monday:

Make Poverty History campaigners outside a public meeting on the Garnaut climate change report in Perth today. They were protesting the impact of climate change on endangered species and the poor. Photo: Chalpat Sonti (WA Today)

Yeeeeeah. I don’t think MPH campaigners have the same conception of the “bleak prospects for Australian working families” as Howard does.


He’s losing like-minded friends, too.

T Boone Pickens, the oil billionaire and lifelong Republican who provided financial backing to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth back in 2004, has decided that his money will be better spent on wind farms and other weird lefty-hippy ideas that might reduce dependency on greenhouse-gas producing fuels.

Howard And The Orange People

July 4, 2008 by

Found this gem Featuring our man Rattler interviewing The Bagwhan in his lair regarding Marriage & Sex in the early 80’s when Howard went there as a guest of the Orange People

Note Howard’s Hair 🙂